Next Steps Supporting Life Skills

We provide easy to use CD's containing AQA accredited units for young people.

The advantages of our system of units is that they provide clear evidence of how the young person is developing. They can be personalised to each individual young person according to their needs, ability and development. Assessment is based on everyday life skill experiences, they do not have to be worksheet based and the care worker can simply observe and record achievements of the young person as their skills develop.

There are simple instructions for the key worker; worksheets when required are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of individuals. There are resources on each CD which provide support to the key worker and develop learning. They can also be used to support the young person when they are out of education and as a focus for key working sessions. Each disk can be used over and over again as young people join your home and you are instrumental in helping them to move on.

Developing Life Skills

Helping the young person to gain the life skills and work towards living as independently as they can is a requirement of their Care and Pathway Plans. Next Steps can provide a comprehensive range of ready to use AQA accredited units which support a young person order to develop their life skills. You choose the units according to your individual requirements.

Supporting Children, Young People and Adults who are not in Education or Employment

The units on the CD are based on developing a wide range of life skills as well as numeracy and literacy skills but in a way which engages the learner. We are happy to help you construct an individualised Intervention Time Table to support the needs and abilities of young people. For those who are preparing for college or employment, CDs can be provided to promote skills of C.V. writing, Personal Action Planning, Rights and Responsibilities in the workplace and Personal Finances to Work.

Sexual Health

Units relating to promoting young people’s understanding of sexual health and issues linked to puberty.

Promoting Interest

Giving the young people opportunities to explore and develop interests promotes self-esteem, confidence and provides a diversion from other less desirable pursuits. Next Steps can help you to identify specific units and sets of units which will not only build interest but also provide accreditation for achievement. They are particularly useful if the person wishes to pursue a college career in their chosen subject of interest. For example small animal care, health and beauty, music, art or sport.

Special Interests

Next Steps works in partnership with several music studios across the UK. If you have a young person interested in music and singing or perhaps writing rap lyrics and recording them onto a CD in a recording studio let us know.

If it suits your organisation you can have the key worker guidance supplied in a printed manual format.

We can also supply you with good quality folders which are suitable for the young person to keep their work in.

All learning outcomes on the disks are recognised AQA Unit Awards giving the learner accreditation for their learning and achievement.